What people are saying…

I run my own business, and like a lot of people, I have a hard time keeping up with everything. Diane helped me streamline my work system, eliminate much of the paper in my office, and make everything work better and more efficiently. In addition to that, Diane was able to take on some projects and tasks that I had been avoiding because I was too busy and I couldn’t trust just anyone to get them done properly.

I recognized almost immediately that Diane is intelligent and experienced and I could trust her to do a good job. She didn’t let me down! She has great communication skills and if she needs clarification she asks for it. My office wasn’t a complete disaster, but now I realize how much easier it is to work when there is a great system in place. I am saving so much time, paper and money! I will continue to rely on Diane’s expertise as the need arises. She is one in a million!

As the executor of a large estate, I needed responsible, intelligent help I could trust. Diane was efficient, creative and comprehensive in her approach. I would recommend her without reservation.

There is no question about it – and I am not overstating things when I say – Diane’s work has changed my life. Diane and her crew took such good care of me, my things, and my home. I was ashamed of the state of my affairs, but Diane put me at ease and took care of everything from six months of piled up mail, to waist-high clutter, and deep cleaning. I used to dread coming home, and I would shop incessantly just to avoid being at my house. I was literally spending thousands of dollars. I was overwhelmed. Depressed. Now I love coming home. It doesn’t even feel like my house, it’s so perfect. It’s also been wonderful for my children. They used to beg me to clean. I could never invite their friends (or mine) over, but now my kids are happy and we can entertain. My friends when they come over now are amazed. I’m at such peace now when I’m home. I have the energy and motivation to maintain the order now. This was truly a great investment!

Words cannot describe how happy I am! My home had gotten full to the brim with stuff — both mine and things that came into the house after mom passed away. I had one room that I couldn’t even walk into. It was depressing, overwhelming, and embarrassing. Diane and Amy didn’t bat an eye. I work at home, so they worked around me some of the time. They’re quick and thorough and totally non-judgmental. I feel like I have a new house! The room that couldn’t be entered now is a great fiber room with all my knitting supplies, a comfy rocker, and a spinning wheel. I love it. My garage has so much room now. My closet actually IS a walk-in. It’s amazing. I now think two, three, or four times before bringing anything new into the house and I can find things I already have without digging through piles to do it. I highly recommend Diane’s services. Don’t live under a pile of stuff anymore!

I had such a great experience with Diane in re-organizing my 1100 square foot office. We took on another project: finances. We went through my record keeping system, bill pay system, quicken files and online banking system. Diane’s suggestions are helping me do a number of big time savers: going paperless, doing much less data entry, reducing the amount of storage for records and making it easy to get ready for tax time. She showed me some new computer programs that interface directly with the bank and now I can do my banking about 5 times faster.

I was very impressed. She has probably saved me four or five times the amount of money that I paid for her excellent services. With her knowledge of accounting and business management, she also suggested a streamlined method for tracking income and deposits for my business – an added bonus I didn’t expect. You’d think it would be a boring task, but we actually had fun. She’s got a great sense of humor. And now I can look forward to spending much less time on tedious tasks such as filing and record keeping.

Diane was on time, delightful to work with and professional. She was really helpful in seeing the big picture and was able to understand what I was trying to achieve. We definitely worked well together. She seemed to have an endless supply of energy. I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs help in organizing, throwing stuff away, or sorting. She is very quick to read the nuances of a person’s needs and not a bit shy about jumping right in. This was my first experience working with an organizer, and it has been very positive. She is easy to work with and works hard! I’m looking forward to completing what we started.

Without the expense of remodeling, Diane Luck made my kitchen work for the first time. She surprised me by first moving around the refrigerator to where it always should have been. After she had logically arranged everything, I found, again to my surprise, that I didn’t need new kitchen cabinets to move all my dishes back into the kitchen where they belonged. Diane Luck and I did together a deep cleaning of the kitchen. When she finished, I still didn’t know how to cook, but my kitchen was a smoothly running machine, and friends and tenants, as well as myself, now find the kitchen a joy to work in. Diane also did a quick decorating make-over of the rest of the house. Basically she rearranged most of the pictures in the house so that many of them looked for the first time like they belonged in the rooms they were in. This made a great improvement in my feelings about my home and made it a joy to show my home to potential renters as well as friends.